Cottage Suppers

Fresh meals or entire menus delivered from our kitchen to your fridge

We have paired up with a team of professional chefs who will only be too pleased to create mouth watering dishes to be delivered fresh to your cottage. No fuss and absolutely no thawing time required, this is fresh and simple!

Following your initial enquiry you will be able to choose from a selection of great dishes as well as making up your own menus. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. We will guide you through what the season has to offer and how to make the most of it. This is a totally unique bespoke service delivered by very competent professionals.


How to book

Please contact Judith Matthews either via e-mail or by telephone on 01248 430258 to discuss your requirements.


Sample menu


The following selection of dishes is there as an indication of what we could offer and is in no way exhaustive.




Green peas soup with a hint of vanilla

£5.00 (for 2 people)


Smoked fish chowder

£5.00 (for 2 people)


Arancini with beef ragu



Smoked mackerel pâtè

£4.00 (for a jar of 200 gramms)


Brown crab salad with young radishes, rhubarb and apples



Young nettles & Perl Wen cheese quiche



Quinoa & roasted vegetables salad



Fish papillote with summer vegetables

(A catch of the day steamed together with vegetables and spices in a little parcel.)

£11.50 per person


Fresh mackerel filets stuffed with fennel, anchovies, capers & tapenade

(Stuffed mackerel filets on a tray, ready to bake in the oven.)

£10.50 per person


Chicken breast stuffed with chestnut mushrooms, smoked bacon & chives; oven ready

£10.50 per person


Aubergine and lamb parmigianna

(Classical Italian parmigiana with lamb ragu.)

£8.50 per person


28-days mature topside of Welsh beef with thyme & wild pepper croute; oven ready

£11.50 per person


Local lamb braised in white wine with lots of fresh tarragon & Bramley apples

(Light, spring and fragrant casserole to be warmed up at your convenience.)

£10.50 (for 2 people)


Courgettes stuffed with rainbow chard, shallots, almonds, black rice & fresh herbs

£9.00 per person


Side dishes

Jersey Royal potatoes roasted with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil

£1.50 per person


Roasted seasonal vegetables

£2.50 per person


Potato gratin

(Add celeriac and/or parsnip if you wish)

£2.50 per person


Summer greens & walnuts




Soda bread with various stuffing

£1.20 for a small loaf


Selection of gomemade dinner rolls and little baguettes

(Free when you order starter and main.)

£0.50 per person


Loaf of rustic bread with summer herbs and dry fruits



Home-made crackers always available

£0.50 per person



(All available individual or to share) Rhubarb and ginger crumble



Lemon and Italian meringue tart



Chocolate moelleux with salted caramel sauce



Strawberry & elderflower mousse with almond biscotti



Summer berries & vanilla cream tartlet



Selection of petits fours

(Eclairs, profiteroles, meringues, madeleines)

£3.50 per person (minimum order for 2)