Fishing Holidays in North Wales

Whether you prefer sea, coarse or game fishing, North Wales is a region that will have you hooked pretty quickly.

Anglers come here to enjoy our hundreds of miles of coastline, legions of lakes (it’s the UK’s most lake-dense region after the Lake District), reservoirs and countless fast-running mountain rivers and estuaries.

And with the best holiday cottages in North Wales on offer, we've got the perfect place for you to stay and enjoy a fishing holiday like no other.

Fishing Instruction & Further Info

If you are a novice, or would just like to fine tune your existing technique, why not book a course?

The North Wales Fly Fishing School offers courses for all levels of anglers, from one to three days. The type of fishing depends on the time of year and weather conditions. Mixed-ability groups are also catered for. Tel 07795 214 934

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