Walking Holidays in Snowdonia

The walking in Snowdonia is world-class and should be a 'must' for any avid walker.

Though it is famous the world-over for its challenging craggy peaks, there’s far more to Snowdonia than its mountains. 

Some Of Our Favourite Walks

Below are some of our favourite walks in Snowdonia. Please get in touch with us before your holiday or while you're here if you'd like more information on the best walks in the area.


The highest peak itself, Snowdon, is entirely accessible on some routes by walkers of moderate fitness. Choose your way carefully though: some of Snowdon’s passes are treacherous and are only suitable for the most experienced and well-equipped climbers.

If in doubt, please ask for advice, or perhaps consider walking with a local guide. And always go equipped with a well-planned route and the fast-changing weather and conditions in mind!

Llyn Padarn

Possibly the prettiest lake in the UK. Nestled below Snowdon, a visit to the lake is a fantastic familt day out. You'll find picnic spots a plenty and a variety of trails. There's a 5-mile route that will take you round the whole lake.

Conwy Falls

Start in Betws-y-Coed and disappear into the Fairy Glenn towards Conwy Falls. These spectacualr falls are definitely worth a visit and easy to reach on foot without too much effort. It's also the perfect excuse to pop into the Conwy Falls Cafe for some homemade cake!

Find maps and detailed routes for walking in Snowdonia here.

What To Expect When Walking in Snowdonia

The region may take its name from Britain’s highest summit south of Hadrian’s Wall, but as well as jagged mountain tops, knife-edge passes and windswept uplands the on-foot explorer will find a landscape that’s packed full of sheltered wooded valleys, verdant estuaries and glorious sandy beaches.

If you're taking on some of the more challenging walks always make sure someone knows where you're going and what time you'll expect to be back.

Walking Festivals in Snowdonia

If you’d prefer to explore the area as part of a group then the Snowdon Walking Festival, which takes place in autumn each year, is an ideal opportunity.

The North Wales Path

The North Wales Path stretches 60 miles from Bangor to Prestatyn. Providing a way to see and discover North Wales on foot!