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Is your cottage ready for winter? - Menai Holiday Cottages

As the nights get darker and the holiday season slowly winds down, thoughts turn to winter. Ensuring your property is ready for the winter months is vital. Here are some of the things you should check before winter arrives! 

Check your heating 

During the winter months the number one complaint we have is the house was cold on arrival or the heating does not work. We understand that breakdowns occur, but regular yearly maintenance of your gas systems should help reduce the chances of a breakdown. 

By law you are required to have your gas appliances checked every 10-12 months, , if these aren’t up to date, then it can be illegal to let the property.  

The quieter months are an ideal time to get your systems checked so that they are ready for winter when they are needed the most and are ready for the year ahead.  

Another top tip is to leave the heating on for when guests arrive, or purchase a home heating kit such as Hive which allows you to control the heating remotely. Ensuring guests receive a nice warm welcome is a great way to start a holiday, especially on a cold, winters evening! Whether that’s via the central heating or a fire be sure to keep this in mind.  

Keeping the heating on a constant low temperature also ensure the house stays warm even when empty, this can reduce the risk of pipes freezing and damp forming in the property 

Is your cottage ready for winter? - Menai Holiday Cottages


With the winter months generally being quieter, it’s a great time to consider doing some all-important maintenance work following a busy holiday season. Take a look at some of our suggestions on what to review when refreshing your holiday let.


Ensuring your property is fully stocked with vital supplies is important. If you have a fire, an initial supply of logs and fuel is always welcome. Instructions on where to get more logs is also helpful.  

A welcome pack is also a very nice touch. A loaf of bread, some milk, juice and even a cake. This will put a smile on your guests faces. With guests arriving in the dark, the last thing they may want to do is venture out in the dark in an area unknown to them. Leaving some first night essentials is always a good idea, especially during winter months! 


Is your cottage ready for winter? - Menai Holiday Cottages

Hazard prevention 

The winter weather in North Wales can be sometimes unforgiving. Wind, rain, snow and storms are all possible, sometimes in the same day! Identifying potential hazards caused by the above can ensure your guests keep safe. 

Loose tiles and tree branches can fall during high winds, a close inspection around the home and garden to identify any risks is worth the time and effort to prevent any serious injuries to guests. Thorough risk assessments are better carried out by qualified professionals and they can recommend any remedial work. 

Snow can cause all kinds of issues. Consider leaving guests a shovel and some salts to tackle any snow or ice if it comes.  

Is your cottage ready for winter? - Menai Holiday Cottages

Checking the property 

Regular checks of the property are key throughout the winter period.  A burst pipe or a missing roof tile can all cause further damage if not rectified immediately.  

It may be worthwhile asking one of your neighbours or a family friend to check up on the property once in a while to ensure all is ok.  

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