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We are going to take you on a journey along the Menai Strait. That’s right, that little stretch of water that separates Anglesey from Snowdonia, and the same passage of water that Nelson famously once said was ‘one of the most treacherous stretches of sea in the world.’

We’re going to be exploring the gorgeous holiday houses we have dotted along the 16 miles of its stunning ebb and flow.

Menai Bridge

1. Boathouse & Mooring – We take a sharp left turn and head almost directly across to the Anglesey side of the Straits to arrive at a wonderful house with original walls, exposed beams and ship’s timbers. If you do get shivered by the timbers, there’s a hot tub to warm up in. Just perfect.

Boathouse and Mooring: Ref 1008728.

Boathouse and Mooring

2. Min Y Mor – We don’t need to get back on the boat quite yet, we are going to an art class at the legendary Sir Kyffin Williams’ old house. One of the great Welsh artists, this is not to be missed. A relaxing cottage that oozes past and present fabulously. It’s the perfect spot to get your easel and brush out!

3. Manadwyn – Having whipped past Plas Newydd and under the Britannia bridge, checked out the lions and crossed the notoriously treacherous swellies, we jump off our boat at Manadwyn. Now I said Moel Y Don was close to the Straits, this kisses the water at high tide. Manadwyn had the reputation of being a smuggler’s den before either bridge was built… all we know is it’s a damn cool house.

Manadwyn: Ref 1008914


4. Ynys Castell – We jump on one of the passing yachts and sail past Menai Bridge and arrive at Ynys Castell – Castle Island for those who don’t have the tongue of a dragon. We are completely thrown aback by how amazing and enchanting this island is. You can drive across when the tide is out but as soon as the tide rises you ain’t getting off that island…unless you opt for a cool dip. This large house is perfect for those who don’t mind being stranded for a couple of hours a day. It’s a great excuse to carry on sightseeing and enjoy the wonderful island.

Ynys Castell

Ynys Castell

5. Melin y Coed – We are now just inching around the corner to arrive at another converted mill, this time perched on the Cadnant river inlet to the Menai Strait. We enjoy the outside area the most, with different levels of terraces and balconies to enjoy the sun and avoid the wind from dusk till dawn. A well equipped and beautifully decorated house, close to the pubs and restaurants of Menai Bridge. This is certainly one not to be missed.

6. Tan y Coed – On on we go down the straits and moor up to what can be described as a humdinger of a house. A terrace runs the full length of the house and is perfect for watching the world go by and the twinkling boats shimmering on by in the evenings. A perfect shabby chic dig for the whole gang.

Tan Y Coed: Ref 1009026

Tan Y Coed

7. Hafod – On we travel to the town of Beaumaris, known for its fab views, great ice cream and lovely people oh… and a top castle! Hafod is right at the forefront of Beaumaris with the most awe-inspiring views. The house is pink with a fabulous interior.

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