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Since moving here I have found a love for walking which soon led to something I seemed to do every day. In October I bought my first ever dog called Squid The Border Terrier and of course cannot forget to mention Oyster, my partners bonkers Cocker spaniel, who has been with us two years, walking became even more natural and began to enjoy it even more. From walking my pooches every day I have now discovered so many beautiful walks around Anglesey such as Newbrough forest, Cable Bay, Rhosneigr, Menai bridge, Snowdonia the list is just endless.

I was brought up on the West coast of Ireland and so I became used to the coastal/country way of life and was very much a water baby. However, when moving over to England to go to University I lost interest in the coastal way of life and got carried away with “university life”. However, since stepping foot back on an area where you are surrounded by the sea again I wanted to reconnect with the coast and to try something new so I decided to try paddle boarding, which has now become a bit of an obsession. There are so many places to visit on Anglesey which lead to a new adventure every time.

The biggest outing so far on my paddle board was my trip from Menai Bridge to Caernarfon down the Straits. When launching form  Menai Bridge I felt a bit uneasy and was only new to the sport and had heard about something called the “swellies” and how if you fell in they would suck you up, but I ignored my worries and ended up having an amazing experience and the time of my life, especially since I only had to walk 20 steps outside my front door.

If I had to say a negative about moving here it would be that it is quite a distance from all my friends who seem to have congregated themselves down south. However, that gives us all the excuse to meet up as often as we can which is normally about twice a year and jump at the chance of coming to explore Anglesey. Most of them had never been to North Wales before so on arrival they were very impressed with where I was living. On the first night, I took them to the Beaumaris firework display where they all kept on looking up to the sky and were amazed that they could see actual stars/one thing that London seemed to be missing. Everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed taking in the sea air and the less manic lifestyle they were living in London. Throughout the evening they would all keep saying “What a treat this is” and “you’re are so so lucky to live in such a beautiful place like this”.

So for anyone reading this that has not ventured up to Anglesey don’t think about it just do it, I promise you won’t regret it!

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