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Bish, bosh, bash: Planning the perfect get together

With autumn and winter on the horizon, we’re being inundated with clients looking for a short getaway. A three or four day escape to catch-up with old friends and family members. A brief moment of respite before the inevitable, long, and often stressful Christmas build up. Rather ironically though, those landed with the job of planning the perfect get together with family or friends often find themselves more stressed than before!

Speaking with holiday-makers on a daily basis gives us a unique insight into exactly what it is that makes a holiday in North Wales so special. And indeed what it takes to make it a success for everyone. Not as easy as you might think when joining forces with other family and friends.

With that in mind, here’s our expert guide to planning the perfect get together in North Wales.

Pick a Starting Point

We advice that you decide what it is you want as a group and the rest will be much easier. It’s inevitable that everyone will have their own ideas and that’s where things get tricky for the organiser, which just doesn’t seem fair. We suggest giving everyone a short list of options and asking them to prioritise them from 1-5. This way you’ll be able to gauge what sort of holiday everyone is after – whether that’s an activity weekend, a modern property with all mod-cons or a quaint holiday cottage with an open fire and plenty of board games.

Save in the Low Season

If it’s possible, try and arrange a large gathering during the low season. You’ll have more property options, restaurants and attractions will be quieter and you’ll often find some fantastic special offers! We’ve got a designated special offers page, so if your dates are flexible why not start there and build around those dates. Those savings will go along way to booking a local attraction or an evening meal for everyone.

Speak to Someone

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you’re after and roughly when you’d like to go, give us a call.

True, you could spend countless evenings trawling the internet trying to read between the lines as you look at hundreds of different websites each trying to promote their properties. But it’s time consuming, frustrating and leaves you ultimately still taking a gamble on the property you choose. Instead, give us a quick call, explain what you’re after and we can get back to you with some suggestions based on what it is exactly what you want from the holiday.

We’re a small company, and we’ve been to each and every property so we can run through everything with you from how many steps lead up to the front door, to the number of freezer drawers and board games, to the distance from the local pub (crawling and walking times available).

Enjoy the Ride

Admittedly, easier said than done.

Once you’ve got some ideas and dates down on paper why not meet up over a coffee or a few evening drinks down at the local. If you can catch everyone in a relaxed atmosphere you’ll quickly find they become less ‘picky’, more flexible and things will start to fall into place. It’s also a great way to get some ideas for things to do while you’re away, especially after a few drinks, which leads us nicely onto our next tip…

Dish Out Some Jobs

Give everyone something to take care of. It keeps an element of fun and surprise for everyone and nicely diverts the endless ‘suggestions’ away from you. You can thank us later.

Our suggestions? Get different people to each organise one of the following: a fancy dress theme for one night, planning a games night, pick a mountain walk, a designated cocktail mixologist, planning a beach day, arranging an activity, booking a restaurant one evening. You get the gist. Finally, why not even have an awards night with some funny prizes on the last night – biggest joker, laziest person, best cook, loudest snorer. The list goes on.

This is guaranteed to get everyone excited for the trip, more relaxed about the nitty gritty and definitely results in a lot of laughter!

So there you have it. Our top 5 tips for planning the perfect get together. Whatever you’re after, for any occasion, give us a call and let us help you out with our in depth knowledge of every property and insider’s advice about what do see and do in North Wales.

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