A minimum of a 2 night stay is required

Let your holiday cottage

With a local business brimming with personality!

Who are we?
The leading holiday cottage agency in North Wales!

Our philosophy is simple:

  • We are a hands-on, family-run agency & will stay that way.
  • To only choose cottages that we would holiday in ourselves. From quaint cottages to modern beachside pads, we consider a wide range of accommodation.
  • We are passionate about excellent customer service for our owners and guests. 
  • "You don't get two chances at a first impression" - that's why we aim to get it right first time!

Below you'll find more detailed information about we can offer you if you join us, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our joining process. 

Bun, William and Jack Matthews

We have a talented in-house marketing team who are always developing new and exciting ways to increase our brand awareness and bring in new customers. Some of the ways that we do this are:

  • Our website - recently relaunched, we're always innovating and developing new ways to make the booking process and customer experience online as exciting and easy as it can be.
  • Digital marketing- working hard to ensure our online presence is strong and optimised across various platforms. We make a considerable investment in our online marketing strategy including SEO, PPC advertising, targeted newsletters brimming with engaging content, and conversing with users across our social media channels. 
  • Printed material - whilst digital is the future, we still place great value on printed media. In 2016 we launched The Handbook - a glossy 100+ page magazing showcasing North Wales and our cottages.
  • PR - when we've got an exciting development within the business, we're sure to communicate this to the press to increase our brand awareness.
  • Special projects - we love the area and opportunities to showcase it. Most recently Menai Holidays sponsored artist Anthony Garratt's High & Low outdoor art installations in Snowdonia.

We're not your standard agency - find out why we think we're just that little bit extra special below:

  • Personality & brand - holiday letting is a highly competitive industry and amidst that sea of beige, we aim to stand out! We present ourselves as friendly and approachable individuals who make up a whole. We also stick to bright, cheery colour palettes to convey that we're not just about business, but having fun, too! 
  • Personal service - we know our owners and their accommodation and pride ourselves on matching the right customer to the right cottage. This ensures happy guests and happy owners
  • Thinking outside the box - we do make use of the traditional marketing methods to get our brand in front of new and returning customers, however, we also innovate! Exciting projects to ensure nationwide coverage, creating our own magazine to showcase how beautiful North Wales is and always working towards the next campaign to get us noticed. 
  • Support & advice - our owners matter to us and we go the extra mile to make sure we have an excellent working relationship. We have heaps of experience and knowledge to guide you through the process - whether your house is ready to receive guests or is a tumble-down ruin waiting to be transformed, we're on hand to help.
  • Local - we're a local business and will always be a local business. Our talented team all live in and know North Wales and that's what helps us to sell holidays for our owners. 

Our motto is that we'll only represent accommodation that we'd stay in ourselves...but what does that mean? We look for various things when assessing a property but below is a brief overview of what we expect:

  • First impressions matter - the outside needs to be as clean and tidy as the inside. No weeds, messy bin areas or flaking paint allowed but pretty flowers are! We like welcome trays for guests of milk, tea and coffee - a cake is even better! 
  • Kitchen/dining - good quality utensils are a must and gadgets to make their self-catering experience easier make all the difference. Matching china, glasses and cutlery are a must, as are sufficient pans and serving dishes. We have a full inventory of what we expect to be in the house if needed.
  • Sitting room - enough comfortable seating for heads on beds! No cast-off, uncomfortable chairs from 1976 here. Good lighting, a welcome pack containing information on the cottage and the surrounding area. 
  • Bedrooms - Good quality beds and mattresses are a must and excellent bed linen is also expected. Beds should be accessible from both sides. A mirror is needed for getting ready, as is space to hang and/or fold clothes.
  • Bathrooms - fluffy towels, clean grouting, hair-free plug holes and gleaming tiles. 
Some words from our owners...
We like to let the reviews speak for themselves!
‘‘Thank you as always for your brilliant service and attention to detail, Menai Holidays is the premier agency and there are many reasons why that is the case, not least your very well trained and highly attentive staff, and a management team with passion, vision, and ambition. It does not go unnoticed.’’
‘‘I can't believe how well the cottage is going, not only during these difficult winter months but also for the rest of the year. It's amazing, I think we only have three weeks remaining. Thank you for all your help in achieving such a high occupancy rate.’’
‘‘This is our first season with Menai Holidays so we did not know quite what to expect - the results have far exceeded our expectations. Everybody has gone about their work in a friendly and professional manner, always prepared to do that little bit more to help achieve good results.’’
‘‘My dealings with Menai Holidays since joining have been nothing short of exceptional! Not only have our occupancy levels increased, but the level of service we get from you is second to none. Here's to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.’’
We'll take care of everything
contact a member of our friendly team if you'd like to know more about joining us