Conwy Real Ale TrailConwy, Snowdonia

Start Date & Time: 18 May 2019 12:00
End Date & Time: 18 May 2019 22:00

Conwy Real Ale Trail, Conwy, Snowdonia

The Conwy Real Ale Trail is back by popular demand in May, busing real ale enthusiasts from the Llandudno coast to Conwy Marina – stopping at seven glorious pubs and two microbreweries in between!

It’s fairly simple. A bus chauffeurs you all day through spectacular countryside to rural pubs. Every half an hour or so, a bus will appear at each pub on the trail to ferry you to the next pub. You can visit as many or as few pubs as you want and stay at each one for as long as you want. It’s that simple.

We make a beeline for quirky, off the beaten track and hidden pubs – you may well never have heard or visited them before – where real ale and great hospitality is their thing.

Since Conwy’s first Trail in May 2017, we have attracted visitors from all over Wales, as far down as Devon and even from Ireland.

There is no better time to enjoy a day out with friends tasting locally brewed ales as now, as nobody needs to worry about who is driving. So grab your buddies together, get yourself some tickets online or at the pubs and let us bus you around the wonderful coast and countryside of the borough of Conwy and its finest watering holes.

Don’t forget you can start and finish at any of the pubs on the route and start and finish at any time between 12noon and 10pm. Conwy Real Ale Trail runs twice a year in May and September.

The Back Story

The first Real Ale Trail was in North East Wales in the County of Flintshire back in 2010. North Wales ambitious marketeer Shelly Barratt gathered an idea on how to bring new customers to a number of small local rural pubs which were in real danger of closing down widely due to their location and a change in entertainment habits. What she didn’t realise at the time is how loved the event would be and just how popular it would become.

The first ever event eight years ago was small, the buses were quite empty as they shuttled good-spirited folk around one wet Saturday to 7 country traditional Welsh pubs. Landlords were very happy with their new found popularity and customers enjoyed not having to worry about driving. Since then, the Trails have increased in popularity and continued to grow in numbers. Some trails attract up to 1200 people in a single event, with visitors turning up from all over the UK and even overseas to be part of the Ale Trails now.

We now have eight Trails running twice a year with hundreds of different ales to sample. This is probably the only event in the history of the world that’s aimed at middle-age Dads who are intrigued by the prospect of being delivered safely to the door of quality real alehouses.

We soon realised that the Ale Trail is one of the best ways to explore the regions best hostelries offering unique beery riches. Small Welsh breweries are often hidden in villages and these breweries supplying only to a handful of pubs and are happy to not bottle their craft. A lot of ales you sample on the trail are not mass produced and something rather special to the area. Such as our own RAT Ale made appearing on the trail and brewed by microbrewery Facers in Flintshire.

The boom in microbreweries and the production of independent ales means that there is always something new to experience every trail.


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