Llanaelhaearn, Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales

Llanaelhaearn is a small village on the Llŷn Peninsula which was on the pilgrims' route to Bardsey Island. The village name arose from quite a gory tale. It was named after St Aelhaearn, meaning iron eyebrow, a disciple of St Beuno. St Bueno was based in Clynnog, but was in the habit of walking to Llanaelhaearn to pray on a flat rock in the middle of the Afon Erch. One day he saw a man in the shadows and prayed that depending on the man’s intent, either good or ill, should befall him. Suddenly wild animals appeared from the forest and tore the man limb from limb. On inspection St Bueno realised that the man was his servant, and put his body back together bone by bone, except for his eyebrow, which had been lost and was replaced by an iron spike!

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