Copper Kingdom - Parys MountainAmlwch, Anglesey

Copper Kingdom, Parys Mountain, Amlwch, Anglesey

Parys Mountain is a real must visitor attraction on Anglesey. It really is like nothing you’ll have seen before! The site is that of an ancient copper mine, offering the chance to explore an incredibly unique landscape and see stunning panoramas stretching out over the northern edge of the island.

Sitting to the south of the town of Amlwch, Parys Mountain and its hilltop windmill are well-known sights in this part of the island. With way marked trails all around the mountain you can enjoy hours of exploration about it’s rugged and colourful landscape, and discover a true piece of Anglesey’s history. The perfect place for family adventures!


A mass of copper was discovered on Parys mountain in the 1760’s, which prompted mining on the mountain to begin in earnest. By the end of the 18th Century, Amlwch dominated the copper market leading to the area becoming known as the copper kingdom! 

From the carpark, you can head off in all directions to explore this exceptional mountain landscape. With dramatic purples, reds, pinks, browns, oranges, yellows, greens and greys, Parys Mountain is incredibly visual, very unique and completely distinctive! This dramatic landscape on first inspection can appear barren, but don’t be fooled as it boasts an amazing variety of wildlife. Whilst wandering around you can often hear the unmistakable singing of the skylarks, or you could even be lucky enough to spot a chough! Plant life on the mountain is a bit more tricky as it has to be able to tolerate the high copper and zinc concentrations within the earth. Despite this there are still displays of flora - our favourite is the heather in bloom as the soft purple cuts a stark colour contrast next to the harsh overwhelming orange of the landscape. 

Parys mountain is also home to a windmill, which was used to pump water out of the copper mine. It is not the most famous windmill on the island but it could be argued that it is the most visible - it can be seen for miles around atop the mountain. A viewing platform in the centre of the quarry site, built by the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust, means that you get an amazing view of the great opencast - an area completely excavated, shaped only by the many miners who used to work on the land. 

There is so much to take in whilst meandering the mountain paths, you can get lost in the beauty of this rather unusual mountain landscape. A new feature which is being led by the Heritage Trust is an iPhone app which enables the user to have an interactive trail experience - perfect to help the little ones to be entertained or to provide extra information about the mountains rich industrial history.

Opening times

Open all year.


Contact details 

Phone number01407 830298


Picnic Spot

A few benches dotted around the site.



Free parking on site.


Not recommended as the paths are mostly gravelled and stoney making it very uneven. Most of the paths are not level and there are varying ascents around the mountain too.



Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leads.


Other useful info

Visitors are asked to keep to the marked paths. This is for safety purposes.



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