Fydlyn BeachChurch Bay, Anglesey

Fydlyn beach, Church Bay, Anglesey, North Wales

Traeth Fydlyn is a beautiful little cove which, although somewhat off the beaten track, is certainly worth a visit. Both secluded and scenic, this pretty shingle bay sits comfortably in the shelter of the rocky islets known as Ynys y Fydlyn. Situated at the foot of a wooded valley, and backed by a small lake - this place is ripe for adventure!

With some clues to its historical past - as well as the added delight of its weathered coastline in the form of islands, caves and sea arches -  Traeth Fydlyn and Ynys Fydlyn are super spots for kids! The ‘island’ is only ever cut off from the mainland at very high tides, yet it still has that ‘remote’ appeal. Because it’s split in two by a large gully, there are really two ‘islands’ to explore, as well as other rocky outcrops.


This out of the way shingle beach has everything you could wish for in terms of a day full of thrills and spills. Super for swimming in the shelter of the bay, riveting rockpools awash with fascinating finds, angling opportunities aplenty, as well as climbing and clambering, walking and wading - and unwinding - whilst watching birds and boats sail by.

Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you ever did without it for so long!

At a glance
  • One of Anglesey’s hidden gems.

  • Caves, sea arches and islets to explore.

  • Kids and dogs love it here.

  • Wonderful walks in all directions - with breathtaking views.

  • The rockpools, swimming and fishing are all great here.

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Located on the north-western corner of Anglesey, 3 km from Llanfairynghornwy, between Church Bay and Cemlyn, Fydlyn is pretty tricky to find. The easiest way to get there is via the Anglesey coastal path from Church Bay to the south, or from Cemlyn/Camaes Bay in the north. The beach is set at the end of a wooded valley beyond a small lake.


There are no facilities close to this beach. The closest W/C can be found in the car park at Church Bay, where you’ll also find The Lobster Pot and the Wavecrest Cafe. The Lobster Pot is open most of the year, but the Wavecrest usually opens between Easter and the end of the summer. Please call first if you’re unsure.


There’s a small parking area on a lane south-west of Cemlyn Bay - Grid Ref: SH303914. From here a public footpath leads about a ¾ mile across farmland to the beach. NB Most of the land in the area belongs to the National Trust.

You can also park close to Church Bay (LL65 4EU) - then head north along the Anglesey Coastal Path to Traeth Fydlyn.


Those with pushchairs and limited mobility will not find this beach easy to get to. The closest parking is about ¾ of a mile walk away, via a country footpath south-west of Cemlyn. The same goes for clifftop the walk from Church Bay.

Dog restrictions

There are no seasonal restrictions. 

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Be aware you’ll need to carry your kit quite a way!


A lovely sheltered little bay for swimming!


Both from the beach, as well as Ynys Fydlyn - and other nearby cliffs and ledges. You’re likely to catch all the usual including dogfish, mackerel, pollock, whiting, conger, wrasse - and you might even be lucky enough to land a bass! Watch out for seaweed and snaggy rocks! Do remember to watch out for waves made by the ferries when fishing off lower ledges!


Yes - although, be aware you’ll need to carry your kit quite a way! The Swedish ‘Hudiksvall’ floundered off Fydlyn in 1890 - and it’s sunken wreck still lies not far offshore. 


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