About Menai Bridge

A small town on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, Menai Bridge sits on the shores of the Menai Strait and is overlooked by the iconic suspension bridge built by Thomas Telford in 1826, which changed the town's name from Porthaethwy. It was designed as a suspension bridge, in order to allow the tall ships, prevalent on the Strait at the time, to pass under it.

Porthaethwy was a settlement from Roman times being the easiest point to cross the water, the name porth meaning  harbour and daethwy a celtic tribe, and then a mediaeval area of land.

The Menai Strait, the body of water separating Anglesey from the Mainland is perhaps best explored from the water, where you hear about it’s history and geography,  - from its whirlpools and shipwrecks to how drovers would make cattle swim from Anglesey to the mainland via ‘pig island’.

There are a number of islands in the Strait  accessible by causeway at low tides such as Ynys Goch , Church Island Ynys Castell, Faelog and Gaint.

It’s picture postcard location on the side of the Strait, looking over to the Snowdonia Mountain range, makes it popular with visitors and as a consequence the town is buzzing with activity all year round, enhanced by its growing reputation for being home to a host of excellent restaurants.

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