Ffear FforestBetws Y Coed, Snowdonia

Twist and turn through the forbidden Fforest on the Fforest Ghoster, with a scary surprise at each corner. You’ll make it to the bottom, but they don’t promise your soul will...

Bounce your way through the netted jungle, whilst avoiding the hoard of zombies which dwell within. Run along Europe’s longest net walkway to make your escape... or will the zombies catch you..?

Send you and your friends flying through the forest at the dead of night on Screamride. But will anyone hear you scream in the dark? Available Separately from 18th September.

Drop 100ft through a trapdoor with a friend on Plummet 2 Hell, if you dare. Will the Reaper be waiting for you at the bottom, or will you survive the drop?

Pre-book your ticket for £25 and enjoy access to Zip World Ffear Fforest 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Your pass will grant you entry to Zombie Nets, two rides on Fforest Ghoster and all of the other spooky twists and turns we have in store. Get your pass now, if you dare.


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