Traeth Y OraMoelfre, Anglesey

Traeth Y Ora, Moelfre, Anglesey, North Wales

Traeth Y Ora, although relatively small (especially at high tide), and rather off the beaten track, is perfectly formed, lovely and sandy, and wonderfully secluded. A real hidden gem with lots going for it.

Traeth Y Ora is undoubtedly one of Anglesey’s most hidden beaches and only accessible on foot or boat. Sandy at low tide, and backed by pretty bracken covered banks, with fabulous views over the sea, and out towards Ynys Dulas, with its little tower. This secret beach is just perfect for swimming, exploring, walking - or for doing absolutely nothing except relaxing!


Over the centuries, to the south of the nearby estuary mouth, deposits from the Afon Goch (Red River) have created the secluded beach known as Traeth yr Ora. With its wonderful views, easy walks to other beaches, including the more bustling Lligwy - as well as a number of historical monuments closeby - it’s the perfect spot for a bit of downtime. Traeth Y Ora’s sand and shingle bay is just far enough from ‘civilisation’ to make it one of Anglesey's most peaceful beaches - even in the height of the summer!

At a glance
  • Off the beaten track - one of Anglesey’s hidden gems.

  • Usually very quiet and peaceful - even in the height of summer.

  • A great place to walk the dogs...or kids.

  • Close to the Dulas Estuary - with wonderful bird watching and exploring opportunities.

  • Swimming from here is fabulous.

  • Close to a number of other beaches, as well as various historical landmarks.

Beach info

Beach type

At high tide, the beach is a long stretch of sand and shingle, but at low tide, an expanse of flat sand is revealed.


There are absolutely no facilities here - other than a set of steps to gain access to the beach! However, it's little more than a 20-minute walk to the Lligwy beach carparks, where there’s a public WC, and where you can sometimes buy sweets, snacks, ice-cream, and all manner of beach paraphernalia from the little shack there. If the tide's in, go via the Anglesey coastal path which is just behind the beach. If it’s out you can walk across the sands.

For more in the way of shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and so forth, you'll have to drive a few miles to the nearby villages of Moelfre or Benllech.


Pay and display parking is about a mile away, or a little less, at Lligwy beach. From here you can walk to Traeth Y Ora by following the Isle of Anglesey coastal path - which takes about 15-20 minutes.

Otherwise, from Brynrefail, drive down the (signposted) right hand turning for Traeth Lligwy. Approx a mile down this road you’ll come to a junction, where you should turn left. Follow this road until it turns into a muddy lane that leads to the south side of Dulas Beach. If you can find a place to park on the side of the road, great - but don’t block anyone’s entrance! On the last left corner, just before the lane begins, there’s a track (signposted with the coastal path logo) leading into the Penrhyn woods. Follow it downwards through the trees, past a small field (with a few caravans), then out of the trees again where you’ll find yourself looking out over Traeth Y Ora.


You’ll need to walk for at least 20 minutes, with access via a footpath, then it is down a set of steps. Those with limited mobility will find this beach hard to reach - pushchairs are not advisable either.

Dog restrictions 


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for those in the know, this is a  ‘quietly’ popular fishing spot! Remember you’ll have to carry your kit/catch quite a way on foot though!


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