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Bubble Bubble…. It’s Hot Tub Time!

This blog installment comes courtesy of our friends over at Concept Spa.

They give us the lowdown on why a hot tub is a great addition to a holiday cottage and some hints and tips on which ones are the best!

With the levels of competition within the holiday industry increasing, it’s important to implement strategies that help you to stand out from the crowd.

Recent surveys suggest that rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those which don’t and bookings for properties with hot tubs are up 36% compared to 2021.

But why? Well think about it like this, with more Brits swapping their sun-filled vacations for staycations in the UK, they’re looking for something that their own property doesn’t offer.

Right at the top of that list is a hot tub, they want something which is going to add excitement to their holiday and a new experience for the whole family.

Sea views and rolling hills are a great start, but what good is that if you’re not showing up in the search results? More and more people are searching for houses with hot tubs and the more searches you appear in, the more likely you are to get a booking.

The image above is from a house which started its letting journey with Menai Holidays. The red line indicated when the hot tub was installed, look how much more traffic that house is getting daily! By installing a hot tub, you also appear on our ‘cottages with hot tubs’ page which will create more exposure for your property.

Hot tub with beautiful sea view

Satisfied Guests

We all know how important positive reviews are in this day in age! It’s so important to ensure your guests have the best experience possible! We often see a recurring theme in the testimonials. Comments such as

‘Great location, great hot tub’.

‘Amazing property and the hot tub was a massive bonus’

‘We absolutely loved the hot tub’.

We all know that satisfied guests can result in repeat bookings, which has to be the goal, right?

Social Sharing

Did someone say ‘selfie’? We all love a few cheeky snaps in the hot tub with the people closest to us. Hot tub snaps are more likely to make it onto the social media feed of your guests. They may decide to tag your property in them, congratulations their followers may very well end up being your next guests!

Increase Winter Bookings

Unfortunately, the UK weather isn’t quite like that of the Costa Del Sol and when guests go on holiday, they’re looking for any excuse to whip out swimwear and flip-flops. If it’s too cold for a stroll down a sandy beach, then the hot tub is the next best thing. Even if it’s stone-cold outside, your guests will still be able to utilise your outside space by taking a dip in the tub.

What’s the Best Hot Tub for a Rental Property?

Steamy hot tub outside on decking

Is it as easy as just picking up any old hot tub? The short answer is… no. As the safety of your guests should be at the very top of your priorities, it’s important that the hot tub is compliant with (HSG) 282. If you’re wondering what that is, (HSG) 282 consists of regulations and recommendations which have been designed to ensure safe water management.

Some of these features include:

  • In-line chemical feeder
  • UV or Ozone sanitation

The following isn’t essential, but ideally, you want a tub which requires as little maintenance as possible. Some of the main things to break/go missing are headrests and diverters.

Before purchasing, make sure you avoid hot tubs of low quality. To put it simply, high-quality hot tubs require less maintenance, boast a longer lifespan, are safer for your guests and are more durable. This means that in the long run, you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Our recommendations for a 6-person tub which is compliant with (HSG) 282 and doesn’t have headrests or diverters are the Holiday Six and the Jacuzzi Lodge L which also has a tamper-proof control panel whereby guests are unable to go into the tubs’ internal settings.

There are also 3 person and 4 person options available for lower capacity properties, or those with limited space.

At Concept Spa we have exclusive offers for Menai Holiday Cottage owners. For more information about this and anything, hot tub related, visit, give us a call on 01248 723207, or pop into the showroom in Llangefni on Anglesey.

Note: all statistics are accurate at the time of publication


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