Book Now Pay Later Terms and Conditions | Menai Holidays


1. These terms and conditions relating to the "Book now, Pay later" offer ("The Offer") apply in addition to, and should be read alongside, the UK Booking Terms and Conditions and the related policies detailed on the Site. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised words used in these terms and conditions will have the same meaning as that set out in the UK Booking Terms and Conditions.

2. If any of the provisions in these terms and conditions or the Booking Conditions or policies conflict, the provisions of these terms and conditions will apply.

3. The Offer is only available for Bookings where you are not required to pay all the Rental Charges at the time of Booking (for example, The Offer may not be available if you would like to make a booking at short notice).

4. When the Offer is available, we will only require you to pay an initial instalment at the time you make a Booking with us. References to a "Deposit" in the main terms and these terms therefore refer to this instalment.

You will also be responsible (even if you cancel your Booking) for paying the difference between the initial deposit that you would have paid if we had not made The Offer available to you and the Deposit (we call this the "Deposit Balance"). You will be quoted what your initial deposit would have been during the Booking process.

5. When you pay the Deposit, you will also need to make a payment for:

a. any other applicable fees or charges (for example, heating supplements, pet charges, or linen charges); and

b. any insurance cover and /or ferry tickets you have bought through us.

6. A nominal fee ("Administration Fee"), will also be added to the Deposit Balance as described in paragraph 4. The amount of the Administration Fee will be confirmed during the Booking Process. It covers the costs associated with us making The Offer available and providing our services in connection with The Offer, (in addition to the Booking Services), for example our internal administration costs in relation to confirming and collecting initial instalments and Deposit Balances.

7. When you make a Booking, you also agree that we may take the following payments, if and when they become payable by you, from the debit or credit card that you use to make your Booking:

a) the Deposit Balance as described in paragraph 4, (which includes the Booking Fee and the Administration Fee as described in paragraph 6). We will take these payments on the earlier of either: (i) six weeks before the first day of the Holiday Period; or (ii) the date that you cancel your booking; and

b) the remaining Rental Balance (being the balance of the Rental Charges payable by you on top of the Deposit Balance) due six weeks before the first day of the holiday period, if you do not cancel your Booking, or if you cancel less than six weeks before the first day of the Holiday Period.

When you make your Booking, we will tell you the date that these payments are due and how much you will have to pay. If you would like to make this payment using a different payment method than by the debit or credit card you used to make your Booking, then please contact us by telephone using the number in the Contact us section on the Site before the date the payment is due to be taken from that card.

8. You will be asked to give us your authorisation under paragraph 7 during the Booking process. The Offer will only be available to you if you give us this authorisation.

9. The Offer is only available for Bookings made in Pounds Sterling

10. You may not use any vouchers that you would otherwise be able to use on the Site, or apply any other offers, in relation to a Booking to which The Offer applies.

11. We reserve the right to withdraw The Offer at any time.

12. By making a Booking with us, you confirm that you accept all these terms and conditions and that you agree to comply with them.