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Some may be clinging to the last vestiges of summer but I hop skip and jump with delight into Autumn. A crispness in the air, a smell of the leaves and trees, the start of digging out jumpers and scarves, and a desire to light the first fire.

Suddenly images of log piles and snuggly socks fill the mind with thoughts of a good book and a good bottle of red. Here are all the reasons to head to North Wales during September and October.

The crowds have gone

A wonderful peacefulness descends again across the region, once the schools return. The wave of life and people disappears and it’s like the area breathes a sigh, as the quiet and peace returns. You’ll find beaches and cafes with space, you’ll get your favourite ice cream without having to queue. And it is still warm enough to wear flip-flops. 


It is the most fantastic time to go walking, the temperature is perfect – warm without being too hot. All the senses are stimulated with changing colours, pungent smells of leaf and woodsmoke, a wistfulness in the air that breeds a reflective peaceful state of mind.

Great value Cottages

For those of you free to take holidays in term time you benefit from fantastic value and often better weather!! Oh you lucky things; no queues, better prices, what’s not to love about booking a break in September and October?

See our available cottages for Autumn here.

Wader and waxcap spotting

There are fantastic wildlife opportunities to enjoy. It’s a sort of arrivals and departure lounge for various types of birds. Waders congregate in large numbers and with some unusual species in their midst before departing for warmer climes. Whilst birds from colder arctic regions arrive to enjoy milder temperatures. The change in woodlands brings different birds to the fore not to mention squirrels foraging for nuts in preparation for winter.

There are fungi aplenty –  this is the season to take your little ones on a fungus foray to find elf homes and fairy houses. Or to forage and cook for a delicious meal back at your cottage…Make sure you know the right ones to pick. North Wales Wildlife have fungi foraging events. 

Run, fun, and food

The events calendar is filled to bursting with exciting opportunities from bread baking and food festivals, to live music and circus, triathlons and wild swimming and then pumpkin and Halloween preparations.

Some of the events to watch out for are Snowdonia Walking Festival, Conwy Feast, Abersoch Triple Crown, Sandman triathlon and Red Squirrel Month. You can see the full list here.

Sea swimming and watersports

The sea is at its warmest and activity providers‘ calendars are suddenly freer. Kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding are all great pursuits to indulge in. The hum of the powerboats engines have stopped and you can enjoy seeing the changing season from the water. Watch the migratory birds from a paddleboard or kayak.


September and October are fantastic months for looking at the night sky. Summer stars are still lingering and winter stars are out too. The nights are darker sooner and the evenings not so cold, so you can enjoy star gazing without the chill. 

Now that we hope you are inspired to come and stay in this glorious region in Autumn, let us be your guide. Browse our hand-picked holiday cottages and choose which area and cottage you’d like to stay in. And for ideas of all the things that you can do whilst you are here in North Wales go to the Explore section of our website.

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